What happens to the info I submit in the COVIDSafe form?2020-07-03T14:29:08+10:00

The information in the form is securely stored and only used IF contact tracing is required. Your information is safe with us and we will NEVER use it otherwise, for any promotional or marketing purposes. This is a requirement for us to re-open in these COVID-19 times.

All the information is DESTROYED after 28 days.

At the entrance, you will have 2 options:

  1. Fill in the online form, which you need to do ONLY when you arrive at our venue (do NOT pre-fill this form beforehand!)
  2. Fill in the paper form, which we keep in our safe.

Remember, this is a legal requirement for us to open, so you need to fill it in accurately.

All other SOP (Sex On Premises) venues have to do the same, so please help us and be a little patient at the entrance as this form completing takes a bit of time.

Can I leave valuables in a safe place?2020-07-03T14:32:40+10:00

We take all care, but no responsibility, for items left in your locker. If you have valuable items, you may check these with our staff at the reception window.

Can I take photos or videos inside 357?2018-03-28T09:00:04+11:00

Taking any photos or videos inside any part of 357 is strictly forbidden, including in the doorway at street level, the entrance stairway, payment window, locker room area and any level or area of 357. If you are taking videos or photos in any area of the club, you will banned for life. We work hard to maintain the privacy of our guests and ask for your understanding and full co-operation with this rule.

Can I wear a smart watch inside 357?2018-03-28T08:55:45+11:00

We do not allow any device which has the capability of taking photos or videos past the locker room area. So if your watch or device has this feature, you must leave it in your locker. If you are taking videos or photos in any area of the club, you will banned for life. We work hard to maintain the privacy of our guests and ask for your understanding and full co-operation with this rule.

Can mobile phones be used inside 357?2018-03-28T08:55:17+11:00
We do not allow mobile phones or any device with photographic or video capabilities past the locker room area. If you would like to use your device, the only place you are allowed to use it is in the locker room area. This restriction includes level 4 where the cafe is. We do not allow any photos or videos to be taken anywhere within the club, including the locker areas. If you are taking videos or photos in any area of the club, you will banned for life. We work hard to maintain the privacy of our guests and ask for your understanding and full co-operation with this rule.
Can I bring my own toys?2017-01-01T18:35:42+11:00

By toys, we mean dildos, butt-plugs etc … Yes you can! Please notify staff after you are changed of what you have in your bag that you may be carrying around.

How do I say no to someone who likes me?2017-02-07T00:58:57+11:00

A guy is trying to make eye contact with you. He’s following you around. You’re not interested. Well, just say, politely: “No, thank you” or “No, sorry” and walk off. If everyone follows our “No Means No” policy, that should be it.

Some guys are persistent. It can be annoying.

Hey, take it as a compliment, if someone likes you that much, it means you are a hot-looking guy to them! But still, No Means No. Repeat yourself, make it clear. Say, politely “No, I am not interested”. We have been in business for over 16 years and we have rarely had any issues with guys not following our “No Means No” policy.

Remember, be polite. We’re all here to have a good time.

How do I let him know I want him?2017-01-01T18:33:35+11:00

Walk past and make eye contact and smile. If he returns the eye contact and smiles back at you, then you’re most probably in for a great time. You can stop and have a quick quiet chat in the corridor or just head straight for a private room or other area.

Another hint: walk into a room and make it obvious you want him to follow you (wink wink …). If he follows, it’s on!

Remember, No Means No! If he doesn’t show interest or says no, then move on. There are plenty of other men around. Don’t hassle a guy by following them endlessly. You wouldn’t want someone doing it to you, so don’t do it to others.

How do I prepare for anal sex?2017-01-01T18:32:39+11:00

Come to the reception window on level 1 (locker area) and ask for a “douche kit” (pronounced like this: “doosh”). It will cost you $5.

Don’t be embarrassed asking for a douche kit. Our staff are used to this request and don’t think twice about it.

You get a fresh towel and 2 little bags with hoses in them. Go to level 2 (up the spiral staircase) and turn left as soon as you are at the top of the stairs. Enter the black door on your left. At the end of this room, on the right, is a door with a number lock. Look up the number code which is written on the tube packet you have just received (e.g. Z545X). Punch in that number and enter the toilet cubicle room.

Knock on the door before you punch in the code and enter, as there might be someone in there before you. If there is someone in there already, just wait patiently for your turn, it won’t take more than a few minutes.

Once you are in the toilet cubicle, sit on the “throne”. To your left is a special tap. Fix the longer hose to the tap and then the shorter hose to the end of the long hose (huh? You’ll get it when you see it, don’t worry!). Then adjust temperature and water pressure.

What follows is called anal douching.

Here is a great website that explains everything in good detail with some humour: To Douche or not to Douche

When you have finished, dispose of the hoses in the big box marked “douche hoses only” and put your used towel in the provided bin next to the big box. You’re done, cleaned and ready for action … clean action!

So what happens after I walk in the door?2017-01-01T18:18:39+11:00

Read our great “First Timer” section, it has all the answers for you [click here]

What do I wear?2017-01-01T18:17:51+11:00

Once you enter the club (after you pay), find your locker and strip. Yep, strip … down to nothing! Woohoo nudie run! No, just kidding ;) Don’t worry, we have provided you with a towel which you place around your waist for privacy … you need to keep something hidden away for your next conquest to discover :)

What is Buddy Night?2017-01-01T18:16:57+11:00

Buddy night is on Monday evenings from 5pm.  Bring a friend along and you will both get in for the price of $30 (i.e. $15 each). So it’s the 2 for 1 deal! If that Monday is a public holiday, there is no Buddy prices.

What if I want to go outside for a while after I paid my entry?2017-01-01T18:14:43+11:00

You simply ask for a “pass-out” at the reception before you exit. The pass-out allows you to return without paying, as long as you re-enter within 8 hours. Pass-outs expire after 8 hours. These pass-outs are signed by you and cannot be exchanged.

Can customers have sex with the staff at 357?2017-02-07T01:17:18+11:00

So… you like one of our staff and want to know if you can ask them out for a cup of tea or some scones and cream? Ok, that’s nice of you, but remember to ask them out AFTER their shift. Note that staff rarely feel like cruising after a busy day or night at 357!

And remember our policy: “No Means No”! Enjoy your scones :)

Can I smoke inside?2017-01-01T18:10:46+11:00

No. The entire venue is a smoke-free environment. If you want to smoke, you can get a pass-out and go outside on the street for a smoke and then come back in.

Do you have parking?2017-01-01T18:09:58+11:00

No, there is no parking offered by 357. However, there is street parking but please check the signs carefully before you park.

Does 357 offer STI testing?2017-01-01T18:09:01+11:00

Yes, 357 offers FREE online testing linked to the Sydney Sexual Health Clinic. The STI testing booth is located on level 4 and the results will be either emailed or phoned through to you depending on your request. This test is completely anonymous and is run solely by the Sydney Sexual Health Clinic.

I just had unprotected sex … what do I do?2017-01-01T18:08:07+11:00

Check the ACON website [click here]. They have all the information you need.

Do you have disabled access?2017-01-01T18:06:19+11:00

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we are the only Gay Sauna in Sydney to have elevator access to all floors. When you enter the Sussex Sstreet entrance, push the disabled access intercom to talk to our friendly staff. The door will automatically open for you to access the elevator. Once in the elevator go to level 1.

How long can I stay inside?2017-01-01T18:04:54+11:00

Our maximum stay per entry is 20 hours. When you leave on a pass-out, the time keeps ticking. So you can stay 20 hours from when you first paid or until close (weekdays).

What are your opening hours?2017-01-01T18:03:48+11:00

We are open every day of the year. 10am to 6am Monday to Thursday. Non-stop from 10am Friday to 6am Monday. Our times may change for various public holidays or celebrations. Any opening hour changes will be added to the top banner of our website so you can stay informed.

Massage Service2017-01-01T18:02:17+11:00

Yes, we have a great Japanese masseur who is very popular at our club. He is generally available from Monday to Saturday, between midday and 6pm.

We do not take bookings over the phone or through our website contact form (so please don’t try…).

And please, boys, don’t complain that our club doesn’t offer a menu of exclusive high-class massage services with interactive 3D, holographic sensorial options… we are a Gay Sauna … not a massage parlour!

The only way to book our masseur is by coming down to the reception and asking. Oh, and don’t be angry with our staff if our masseur is not in, or not available.

Thanks everyone for your understanding, and thanks for choosing 357 :)

What’s your official Facebook page?2017-01-01T17:58:45+11:00

Click the icon below … Enjoy, be social, be real and be nice :)

Find us on Facebook

What is the PlayZone Code of Practice?2017-01-01T17:50:08+11:00

At 357, we are committed to the PlayZone Code of Practice. You can read all about this on the ACON website, just click here.

What are your cafe/bar opening times?2017-01-01T17:46:37+11:00

On Level 4, our bar/cafe opening hours are:

  • Friday midday to 11pm
  • Saturday 3pm to 11pm
  • Sunday 3pm to 8pm

When the cafe/bar is closed, you can still come up and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, have a free cup of tea or coffee, browse the internet, watch TV.