1st timer

Hi, and welcome to 357!

We affectionately call this club “357” because our address is 357 Sussex St. So it’s your first time at a sauna? It’s OK, we all had a first time, even us staff and management!

We understand you’re nervous, unsure or even embarrassed! There is nothing wrong with using a sex on premises venue, because it’s safe, clean, warm and comfortable. It’s also legal and discreet, so nobody need know you visited. The main thing you need to know is that you can be comfortable no matter what your age, size or race.

We have customers who are 85 and others who are 18 years old. We have 60kg and 300kg sized men, guys in wheelchairs, every nationality, dwarfs and giants. You name it, we get it at 357 :)

So it doesn’t matter what you look like. We believe you’ll find someone your type at 357.

We did not build this venue just for young muscle hunks, although they also use 357. If you feel uncomfortable at our venue, it means we have not done our job.

  1. Walk in the main door and go upstairs to the foyer area where there is a window and a friendly crew member to assist you;
  2. Mention to our friendly crew that it’s your first time, if they have time they will explain a few things (where to go etc); 
  3. Don’t ask what types of people are in or if we are busy, you will put the staff off-side, as they will think you have attitude. Leave attitude at the door, be friendly, you will be a lot more popular that way;
  4. You will be given a towel and a key for your locker. Walk through the red door and find your locker. Put your stuff (clothes etc) in your locker. You will need to undress completely and put your towel around your waist;
  5. Don’t carry your mobile phone with you, it’s not allowed anywhere in the venue other than in the locker area;
  6. If you have valuables we have a free security box service, just ask our door staff. But remember that our lockers are all under 24/7 camera surveillance;
  7. Listen to any directive issued by staff, they are there to help you. You can trust our 357 crew;
  8. Now all the boring stuff is done you are free to walk around and explore our four floors. Check out our “venue tour” on the main menu for photographs of each floor and various areas on each floor. You are free to use all areas of the 4 levels;
  9. Respect yourself and respect others while cruising, even if you might find that person totally “not your type”;
  10. No means No. Venues have guys who are pushy and some who are polite. If you don’t like someone simply move away, there are hundreds of guys to choose from;
  11. Be careful of walls and mirrors as the areas are generally quite dark. Look inside rooms before you walk in as some are for heavier usage such as  the wrestling or sling room;
  12. Don’t look guys directly in the eye unless you’re interested. That is a universal rule. If you like someone simply make eye contact. They might follow you. If they don’t it just means you’re not their type, no big deal … move on!
  13. This is the most important rule: ALWAYS PLAY SAFE. ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. If a guy says he does not want to just move to another guy … it’s not worth it and this guy has no respect for you. There are condoms and lube within reach in every single area of 357. We even make our own condoms! USE THEM! There is lots of info from ACON (Aids Council of NSW) at our venue or on their website. Read up!
  14. If you feel like getting away for a few minutes just head upstairs to level 4. This level is a sex-free break out area. If you’re hungry or thirsty, there is a café/bar, you just charge your food to your locker key;

  15. When you leave, simply go back to your locker and get dressed. Return your towel in the towel chute next to the exit door and hand your locker key back to the crew and they will let you out. You can get a free pass out for 8 hours if you want to come back later and not pay the full charge again, just ask the crew before you leave;
  16. Don’t use recreational drugs before or during your visit to 357. You will be banned for life and we will call the police and have you arrested if we need to call an ambulance. We have a strict “Zero Tolerance to Drugs and Alcohol policy”. This is very important!

After your first visit, it’s easy! You will be a lot more relaxed next time and maybe even have a better time. I know of guys who have waited till their 65th birthday to visit a venue, others who come in on their 18th. We will always welcome you at 357, and we suggest that you come in at a quieter time so it’s less intimidating for you. Our quiet nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and quieter days are Midday Saturday and Sunday, as most other times its very busy, even 200 guys at one time (like lunch on Fridays).

So again, relax, enjoy and PLAY SAFE. We warmly welcome you to 357. Enjoy!