Can I leave valuables in a safe place?

We take all care, but no responsibility, for items left in your locker. If you have valuable items, you may check these with our staff at the reception window.

Can I leave valuables in a safe place?2020-07-03T14:32:40+10:00

Can I bring my own toys?

By toys, we mean dildos, butt-plugs etc ... Yes you can! Please notify staff after you are changed of what you have in your bag that you may be carrying around.

Can I bring my own toys?2017-01-01T18:35:42+11:00

Can I smoke inside?

No. The entire venue is a smoke-free environment. If you want to smoke, you can get a pass-out and go outside on the street for a smoke and then come back in.

Can I smoke inside?2017-01-01T18:10:46+11:00

Do you have parking?

No, there is no parking offered by 357. However, there is street parking but please check the signs carefully before you park.

Do you have parking?2017-01-01T18:09:58+11:00

Massage Service

Yes, we have a great Japanese masseur who is very popular at our club. He is generally available from Monday to Saturday, between midday and 6pm. We do not take bookings over the phone or through our website contact form (so please don't try...). And please, boys, don't complain that our club doesn't offer a menu of exclusive high-class massage [...]

Massage Service2017-01-01T18:02:17+11:00

What is the PlayZone Code of Practice?

At 357, we are committed to the PlayZone Code of Practice. You can read all about this on the ACON website, just click here.

What is the PlayZone Code of Practice?2017-01-01T17:50:08+11:00
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