What do I wear?

Once you enter the club (after you pay), find your locker and strip. Yep, strip ... down to nothing! Woohoo nudie run! No, just kidding ;) Don't worry, we have provided you with a towel which you place around your waist for privacy ... you need to keep something hidden away for your next conquest [...]

What do I wear?2017-01-01T18:17:51+11:00

What is Buddy Night?

Buddy night is on Monday evenings from 5pm. Bring a friend along and you will both get in for $34. That's $17 each!! Excluding Public Holidays. Check our current prices here.

What is Buddy Night?2023-07-25T19:56:28+10:00

What if I want to go outside for a while after I paid my entry (how do pass-outs work?)

You simply ask for a "pass-out" at the reception before you exit. The pass-out allows you to return without paying, as long as you re-enter within 8 hours. Pass-outs expire after 8 hours. Pass-outs are valid day of issue until close, 6am or 20 hours from time of entry during the weekend. These pass-outs are [...]

What if I want to go outside for a while after I paid my entry (how do pass-outs work?)2023-10-23T16:57:02+11:00

Can I smoke inside?

No. The entire venue is a smoke-free environment. If you want to smoke, you can get a pass-out and go outside on the street for a smoke and then come back in.

Can I smoke inside?2017-01-01T18:10:46+11:00

How long can I stay inside?

Our maximum stay per entry is 20 hours. When you leave on a pass-out, the time keeps ticking. So you can stay 20 hours from when you first paid or until close (weekdays).

How long can I stay inside?2017-01-01T18:04:54+11:00

What are your opening hours?

We are open every day of the year. 10am to 6am Monday to Thursday. Non-stop from 10am Friday to 6am Monday. Our times may change for various public holidays or celebrations. Any opening hour changes will be added to the top banner of our website so you can stay informed.

What are your opening hours?2017-01-01T18:03:48+11:00
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